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GPS Glass, Print, Signs is 3 businesses combined to consolidate your needs and achieve your goals.


What can we help you with today?

Commercial Maintenance

GPS can service both simple & complex commercial repairs.

Commercial Upgrades

GPS service upgrades can maximize your business.

Commercial Windows, Doors & Signs

Installation and service.

Glass Showers

Glass showers with custom designs. We design your glass shower specific for you.

Custom Tables

Custom High-End tables & Conference Tables

Back Painted Glass

We focus on the truly unique, high-end, decorative colors and designs.

Indoor & Outdoor Signs

GPS can create custom commercial signs for your business.

Window, Wall & Floor Graphics

Our graphics capture all the newest material and print options on the market.

Frameless LED Canvas

GPS exclusive, America’s only “Frameless LED canvas print.

Decorative Glass

Michigan’s Only Custom Glass Panel Supplier

Custom Printed Awnings

Refresh, Renew or Rebrand with our Custom Printed Awnings


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