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About Us

Glass, Print, Signs (GPS) started from the idea to just do better.

With more customization options than any other competitor & a highly-rated customer service experience GPS is on the right track. One that I personally would want as a consumer and as a Business owner.

Before beginning our journey I asked myself a few important questions.
  • What has happened to local glass shops?
  • If it is a good business, then why are there no new glass shops or younger glass owners?
  • What are people’s alternatives if local Glass shops continue to decline?
  • Why even start a retail location when I can just work happily from home?

Well, let’s just say we started with nothing and didn’t have all the answers.

But we did have a few things going our way. An intense desire to succeed and be the best. A work ethic that left little time for anything else, besides being a father of 2 and a wonderful relationship that has helped pull me through the tough times.

We learned that local glass shops have just simply and slowly faded away very similar to the skilled trades workers.
Glass shops are a good business but very often cheap products from big box stores take the place of quality products and skilled labor.

And the alternative to local glass shops is very little if it exists at all. So, with a goal to succeed and a vision to be better than others I started with nothing but a magnet and a vision to expand our brand and philosophy throughout the Midwest. To do what others don’t.

We now expanded to a second store, we are looking at a 6000 square foot production facility to move into. We specialize in production of some very exclusive products, we produce products that no one else does, we have expanded to offer 3 businesses under one roof. GPS Glass, Print, Signs LLC has now been born and we have just launched our new website. We are excited and feel that we haven’t even scratched the surface but we are poised for explosive growth, but for me all growth seems slow. So I keep pushing on, keep growing and keep trying to find better ways to serve you while others sleep. GPS is here for you.


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