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Decorative Glass Panels

Michigan’s only decorative glass panel supplier.

GPS produces lifelong decorative glass panels for individuals and businesses. Another exclusive GPS product that has taken over 3 years of development and teamwork to bring to market. This is still a very low production product making it very rare to have or get. As demand has increased we continue to work on building out the production to fill orders and produce more, we thank everyone for their patience. GPS Decorative glass panels allows for unlimited options on design, personalization and control for the individual or business.


Decorative Glass

These panels can be used for custom deck railings to produce a translucent panoramic scenery in your deck panels overlooking the lake. A business can use these glass panels as a partition with company logos or imagery to decorate and design an office, a corporation can use the custom glass panels for glass stair walkway designs to expand their branding image and create a WOW factor that all employees and customers will remember forever.

The best part is GPS has allowed other glass companies, contractors and builders to have access to the product for their own installation. We made great care in producing a product that was versatile and easier to handle. Of course we can always do the installation and design too.


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