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Frameless LED Canvas Prints

Yet another GPS exclusive design and product.

Our newest product to the GPS lineup is the Frameless LED Canvas Prints. GPS Canvas prints are high quality, beautiful and eye-catching for 3D business branding with logos, scenic pictures for interior design and photographs for a large wall in a Great Room, Lobby or Conference Center. GPS Frameless LED Canvas Prints are the only Frameless LED Canvas prints on the market that are large in size and light but thin in profile without dreaded “hotspots” and “light leakage”.


Frameless LED Canvas Prints

GPS Frameless LED Canvas Prints are fully lit LED prints and produce a stunning and breathtaking piece of art in all light scenarios. This is also a product that we took great care and pride in making it so your own contractor can handle and hang. All pieces are custom made and larger than 8 square feet.


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