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Glass Showers

Frameless Glass showers are more popular than ever.

The designs are endless and everyone wants one, However, there are very big differences in glass showers. Not all glass is created equal, some glass is very green and very weak. Other glass is very strong and has very little green tint to it. You also have the hardware for the shower, Hinges, pivots, U-Channel, headers that can vary greatly. This is the structure that makes your shower function and last. Everyone is familiar with what a cheap design and a cheap part is. Then of course you have the design.


Glass Showers

Many people look at the shower they want, then get the bathroom built or remodeled and never consult one of our shower experts. This can result with a design that will not work for the shower they want.

At GPS we consult with many of our customers during the planning stages of the bathroom. Then we can help educate them on the importance of certain aspects of their tile and aspects of their design so they can have the beautiful shower that they dreamed up when they started the process.


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