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Window, Wall & Floor Graphics

The newest material and print options on the market.

GPS Window wall and Floor graphics capture all the newest material and print options on the market. Vinyl used to be the name of the game and what most outdated shops still only produce. While Vinyl is still a wonderful option, new advancements in Printers, Inks and materiel have opened up options for businesses, corporations and homeowners like never before.


Window, Wall & Floor Graphics

GPS can produce Custom printed wall graphics and Wallpaper, Running Floor Prints, Printed Fabric, and even the elusive double sided large format print for advertising in the middle of retail areas or both sides of a window. This also includes cost savings for the customer. They can now decide if they need to invest in finishing a wall with expensive painting, mudding and sanding or just add custom printed wallpaper! GPS can help with store window film or help the entire upgrade of the branding and appearance for your business.


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